As a vegetarian child in the eighties, family meals were peppered with TVP*, Sosmix and the delights of Tartex spread.

Pumpkin picking in Essex, 2016

Pumpkin picking in Essex, 2016

Tofu was a treat for us, lentils a staple. My mum was a single parent supported by benefits and the beauty of expanding red lentils served us well! Today, vegetarian food is much more accessible and varied and bringing my daughter Elsi up on a veggie diet has come naturally and has been a fun and rewarding process. 

For me, food is all consuming. I love to cook, to follow recipes, to experiment and perfect my own classics. I care deeply about the origins of food and believe in buying the best we can afford. As we don't eat meat we have a little more to spend on organic veggies and higher welfare dairy but I'm not too strict, a decent vegetable brush goes a long way to removing nasty pesticides! 

Apart from the odd Ella's Kitchen smoothie pouch I'm proud to say I've cooked fresh food for most of Elsi's meals and with a little planning and a freezer at your disposal, it doesn't take much time. And on days when it doesn't all pan out, there really is a lot of protein in the humble baked bean! I hope you will enjoy my vegetarian and vegan baby food recipes and follow along on Instagram where I've been sharing photos of Elsi's meals from the get-go @cocomamabebe

*Texturised, vegetable protein. Often chucked into stews or shepherdess pie for a chewy protein fix.