16th October 2016


The perfect portion for one hungry toddler

We’ve all been there. Gloopy overcooked rice that’s stuck together in one giant sticky mass...

Finally, I can make perfectly cooked everyday rice and it’s so quick - exactly what you need when you have a hungry baby crawling around at your feet!

While I’m a real advocate of whole grains I also favour white rice for a lot of Elsi’s meals. Brown rice is full of things called phytates and lectins which can stop many vitamins and minerals from being absorbed. Phytic acid can also inhibit pepsin, an enzyme that we need to properly breakdown protein. As a young vegetarian, the protein I go to great lengths to cram into my daughters meals needs to be harnessed and so I choose white rice for this reason. It isn’t loaded with goodness on its own but it is full of energy, she loves the taste and paired with a healthy meal it has a worthy part to play!


Serves one toddler sized person

  • 1/4 Cup White Basmati


Rinse your rice in a sieve until the water runs clear. Then add to a small saucepan with twice the volume of water. In this case a total of 1/2 a cup. Bring to the boil and as soon as the water is at a rolling boil clamp a lid on and turn your heat to the lowest setting. Set a time for 10 minutes.

If you would like to add any vegetables into the pan to steam, add them just before you place the lid on. Usually I would only steam veg for 5 minutes but due to the volume of water 10 works better. I often add green beans, broccoli or mangetout. Try serving with this super quick daal.

Basmati, one of 40,000 varieties

Basmati, one of 40,000 varieties

Perfect rice and beans

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