1st January 2017


Who doesn’t like a recommendation? Especially by someone who isn’t being paid to sell you stuff. Here are a few of the items I found most useful/best value or best quality during my baby led weaning ‘journey’...

Bamboo Bamboo Bowl & Spoon Set
Avocado Rose not included

Avocado Rose not included

This is the bowl you will see pictured in most my photos and it’s by Bamboo Bamboo, although you can buy similar from Avanchy, including a divided plate have my eye on now Elis is eating bug portions. Made from sustainable bamboo it is ethical and it is also made from BPA silicon to stop contact with toxins. Plus your little one won't be able to knock it flying as it has a fantastic suction base. Before we had this many of Elis meals went overboard but your baby will need to be very determined to shift this!

Rice Kids 3 Room Bird Plate in Pastel Yellow

I love the shape of this plate and the soft shade of yellow. There are so many divided plates out there but the ones by Rice are really unique. I often wash it by hand but it is dishwasher safe should you be one of the lucky ones who has one. It also comes in a whale shape which is equally cute.

Oxo Ice Cube Trays

I’ve mentioned these in previous blog posts but I found this the easiest way to make the right sized food portions during weaning. If they gobble it down you can always heat more cubes but when using larger pots so much went uneaten.

Rainbow Stacking Plates

This is definitely a great buy for bargain hunters. The Mothercare plates come in packs of 5 for just £2. They are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, made from food grade plastics and are BPA free. Tick, tick, tick tick, boom. I also loved these Mothercare bibs in funky fruit patterns. Check them out on Elsi.

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