go vegetarian


Five tasty and fast vegetarian meal ideas for babies, toddlers and children. All of these dinners are healthy, quick and use ingredients you are likely to already have in the store cupboard. So perfect for that last minute 'what on earth can I cook for dinner' panic! 

Vegetarian Sourdough Stuffing

This vegetarian stuffing recipe is suitable for toddlers and full of delicious ingredients like chestnuts, apples and sourdough; but the use of Linda Mcartney’s classic veggie sausages really elevates the flavour. It’s suitable for vegans by switching the egg out for a vegan egg substitute. Serve it with a vegetarian nut roast for something a bit special. 

Blended Butternut Risotto

Get the recipe for a freezable blended butternut squash risotto for babies, toddlers and the whole family. This is a vegan and vegetarian baby food recipe, full of wholesome and nutritious ingredients.